The art of Photography is intended to stimulate our imaginative side and assist in our power to see our society in brand new and exciting approaches. Several publications in various forms concentrate on different areas of the creative and technological value of photography. However, the odd diseases that affect photographers are seldom mentioned.

A psychiatrist that is an expert in the treatment of photographers gives numerous typical diseases he came across, and their signs or symptoms as well as treatment. These diseases may not be in line with physiological such as sciatica (read comment soigner une sciatique on how to treat sciatica), nonetheless these diseases are psychologically related which needs immediate intervention.

These diseases include GAS – Gear Acquisition Syndrome, LBA – Lens Buying Addiction, PFA – Photo Forum Addiction, and TUB – The Upgrade Beast. The symptoms and Treatment of each of these photography related diseases are outlined in Photography Life website.

Diseases & Maladies of Modern Photography

Although explained separately on the website, all of them are a part of one common disease branded “photographus excessivitis”. Thorough assessment generally discloses a variety of health conditions. It is very important to denote that professional photographers seldom manage these types of ailments

Technology has contributed a significant part in the escalation in the range of these types of ailments along with their strength. Before the digital age, these cameras continued to be fairly the same. Although there had been some change in the process, the change had been fairly at a minimum when compared with today’s digital age. This all modified as soon as producers shifted to digital sensors, and that the camera grew to become a customized computer system.

Now digital cameras, lens, and a number of additional add-ons are motivated by advanced computer chips, as well as applications which have significantly advanced their features. Photography devices are now susceptible to the identical fast product intro, obsolescence, as well as compatibility problems as Personal computers and peripherals have seen during the last three decades.


Photography brings a lot of happiness to our existence and the ones whose lives we affect. However, we should remain conscious of these exhausting ailments, make sure that we bring recognition and supply the needed assistance to those inside the community of photographers. Search for the distinguishing indications of professional photographers investing more hours reading through equipment reviews, taking part in digital photography forums, as well as obtaining equipment than taking photos. It may appear harmless enough, however, it could also be… the start of a lot more really serious problems.

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