In the last era, consumerism has witnessed a massive rise. Chinese photographer Huang Qingjun has invested of a decade taking on movie and traveling around to rural locations rural families’ items.

He asks the people present to get a picture alongside them and to create all their issues beyond their property.

Photojournalist Peter Menzel began an identical task within the early ninetees, just having a broader range. He endeavored to make use of pictures to show how typical households around the globe live, by showcasing them their worldly belongings, next to all, or most beyond their houses. Applying socio economic data produced by Un and World Bank, Menzel’s work demonstrates differently people reside in different locations. He revealed his pictures in a book titled ‘Material World.’

He told the BBC that as his task reaches the ten-year level he really wants to go back to the places he originally captured to see things have changed.

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