Coffee is perhaps one of those things we want to do first thing in the morning, after washing up or before hitting the road for work. This thought is perhaps your driving reason why you checked on Jura F9 review, to help you decide on which coffee machine to buy in the first place.

What is latte art? When you take time to intentionally combine espresso and milk, it is purposeful and you are actually creating latte art. Literally if we’re breaking that down, we’re saying that it’s milk art. It is art in coffee with milk which is in fact latte art.

Etched and served hot

Coffee lattes are meant to be served hot. And while baristas are working hard to deliver a well crafted latte, customers have the last drink. Sure, they appreciate the presentation, and in fact takes time to take images of a great craft. It could have been just a waste to just a waste to drink it up without documenting a great art.

So, there are several ways to do that, one is just to really pour in the center and get a nice marbled surface, create an appealing combination of espresso, creme and milk.  As long as you’re doing it intentionally and creating what you intended to create in the cup, that’s latte art.

Different Types of Latte Art

Free Pour Latte Art

Getting on into some more intricate design – the free pour latte art which means that as you create a drink, as you’re pouring milk into an espresso, you can manipulate the way the milk pours creating various shapes in various combinations. With the free pour, you can create intricate top designs on espresso – the monk’s head, marbled surface, heart shape, rippled pattern or leaf pattern, layering, tulip, or designs that come out from freely pouring out the milk.  No tools involved, just a skilled hand that can pull off a great design into the cup before having it served.

Etching / Manipulation Post Pour

Pour a drink, add a dot in the middle and then set the drink down. Get tools out to manipulate that. These can be very beautiful but it tends to be art for art’s sake and not so much a garnish or method of plating. And again, it does take a little more time, so that’s the time your customer is waiting and the time the milk is sitting on the counter both cooling and separating.

Latte art – Worth the wait

You don’t see latte art all the time, not all coffee shops even take time to etch some good designs in a steaming hot espresso and served. After all, coffee should be served quick and hot. But regardless, you can still do art and awe your mom and dad on their anniversary or on any special day. When served, you will know it’s worth your customer’s wait.

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