Much like the internet’s first days, there was lots of excitement about the possibilities for art sales. This was a means to reach out at no cost to customers, and not only can you reach your own friends and followers, even if with your article was discussed by them, you can reach all their friends. This was a means to accomplish vulnerability without spending thousands on gallery or advertising commissions.

As with most revolutions, but the fact was less Utopian than most imagined. Gaining networking exposure requires a great deal of effort and time, and lots of artists have discovered that the earnings do not come. Facebook began charging for fostering posts, meaning dissemination of art no longer went to be liberated.

Social Interactions with Your Customers

Although you might have societal interactions and make followers on your site or blog, we need to restrict our discussion to websites, such as Facebook, which make a stage on which you may discuss your articles, but create a level playing field where users may share their articles evenly. You may use other platforms to share you artwork, too. Share some short video clips of your artwork on YouTube, Instagram or Tiktok.

A string of articles to follow, and this post, are likely to be a bit different.  As opposed to attempt to provide advice about advertising your artwork through networking. My expectation is that this post can serve as a place and a conversation starter. Please increase the dialogue and expertise from the comments.

We need to specify networking advertising to start the conversation. Since, in many ways, it evolves realms that are online, and since media has grown so fast, it may be a bit hard to pin down precisely what we mean by networking marketing. Most of us recognize that Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat are websites, however what about WordPress and Moderate? What on blog or your site?

With this discussion, restrict our discussion that enable you to contribute content and communicate with others, however, that aren’t owned, controlled, or controlled by consumers and we are going to keep things easy.

Social networking marketing is not likely to work for everybody, but insights which can assist those of you who wish to comprehend what is needed to be successful. In addition those of you that are succeeding with your networking marketing efforts will discuss your insights.


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