Sarah Mei Herman ’s personal pictures exhibit a sense of need, a desiring real closeness with others. However in addition they show a feeling of reduction, what may be lost.

sarah mei

Sarah Mei Herman is fascinated with the items between a mysterious convenience of intimacy or people who are difficult to put in words: a great strength of appeal. An instantaneous physical or psychological pressure that’s touching encloses Herman’s subjects. a stillness that’s widespread in most of her work bolsters the strain. Because stillness, it would appear that period shortly stands however, that noise is silenced.

Within the exhibit Kahmann Gallery will also show new function from Herman’s continuing series on her half brother Jonathan and her father Julian. She seeks to recapture the strange relationship between your three of these: “Throughout the previous years I’ve been shooting my half-brother Jonathan alone or along with his (and my) father. I’m thinking about the “triangular” connection between your three people. Our thoughts like a youngster, of the connection with my dad, are actually in ways reflected in my own half brother. By shooting Jonathan I attempt to approach our uncommon brother-connection that we am section of in a physical distance. This function is all about the connection between a comparatively older dad and his young child.”, in addition to this section of my loved ones

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