carpetCarpets or rugs are floor coverings that are either woven hand-made or processed by a machine which is present in floors extending from wall to wall. Centuries have passed, people from before used big leaves or animal skins as coverings. But as time went by, they have started to be exposed in weaving wool and different textiles to replace earlier coverings.

It has been known that nomads or an individual who didn’t have a permanent place to stay, where the first ones to weave carpets. In the contemporary period, carpets certainly add beauty to the place with its various art designs aside from keeping the floor nice and soft. Behind its beauty is a process that creates the magic.

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Carpet Making Process

There are two processes in creating carpets. They can be either hand-made or machine-made carpets.

Hand-made carpets are processed manually using different types of methods such as braiding, knotting, tufting, hooking, and hand tying. The first thing to do in creating carpets is the washing and sorting of wool to remove unwanted particles. It is then followed by the carding process where it allows fibers to run smoothly throughout the process. It is subsequently followed by spinning the carded wool into the spinning wheel. After which, the wool is dyed and must wait for at least three days for it to be dried. Afterward, the knotting of the carpet with different designs will take place. Before applying final touches, excess looms or any unnecessary designs and patterns be trimmed. After all the hard work, the product will undergo cleaning and washing before exporting and selling to their clients.

The second type of process is called the Machine-made. Nowadays, there are different technological advances and it includes the advancement of creating carpets using machines which makes the process a lot faster and be done in no time. Although the process is similar to the hand-made process.

  • To begin, the staple fibers are blended in a hopper then the strands will undergo the carding process. After cooling the steamed stands. Next stage is tufting the carpet where needles pull the yarn through the weave then it will create loops. Afterward, Pounds of fibers are put into pressured vats and for a few minutes, it will be soaked.
  • Another method of dyeing a yarn is going through printing rollers then printed with dyes. Before going through the next part of the process, it must be washed dried first.  After it is tufted and dyed, the backing materials will then blend to it. After the process of coating, it will go through the marriage roller where it will completely bond the adhesives together. Beforehand, it will be brushed, vacuumed, washed and dried before exporting.

There may be lots of complicated processes when making a beautiful product but what is good about it is the outcome that has a lovely design with a soft and nice texture. Buying these may cost you much, but the assurance of beauty, coziness, satisfaction and attraction will be there.

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