retro cameraIt wasn’t long before you could get a great condition Lomo LCA camera up from music shop or an auction website just for a couple of dollars.

Today their reputation has recommended you will have to pay for several hundred bucks to obtain the exact same camera used.

Why Look For Alternatives?

The high costs have created increasingly more people locate a good Lomo option. Certain requirements are easy: which small movie camera is equipped with a pleasant sharp, large lens that creates contrasty colors which have become the brand of the Lomo LCA and the telltale vignette?

Still Stylish: No Trade Offs

Your body has got the same retro look whilst the lomo and is particularly cased in a steel layer providing it a great strong feel to it.

The very best bit about that is the fact that regardless of the camera losing sight of manufacturing a long time before the quality means you may still find lots of inexpensive versions available.

The Alternative

Well have wide we’ve discovered what we really believe to become a wonderful option to the lomo lca, the Olympus XA2 and looking far. This camera includes a better quality lens compared to Lomo – producing sharper images. It originates form the 1980’s and was innovative in the style of it when it was launched.

The outcomes you get with differ with respect to the kind of filmĀ applied nevertheless, you often end up getting intensely saturated colors – the Lomo trademark if you want.

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