In an increasingly progressive digital age, it’s as vital as ever that prospective clients can have a glimpse of and discover more about your event venue before they personally check out the place themselves. A great approach to efficiently promote your venue is by posting professional-looking photographs on your website so potential clients know what to expect from your venue space. Look here for event venues in Orange County.

However, for those of us not skilled at this form of art, the job can be discouraging. Whether you decide to hire a professional photographer or to take photos of the space yourself, there are some tips to make certain that you are able to take great photos and that it would be enough for your potential clients to book your venue.

Tips To Shoot Great Venue Photos

Provide a precise depiction and feel for the room, such as the size of the room and the elements of design that are evident in each viewpoint. Avoid using too many wide-angle lenses and keep your lines straight so to avoid distortion as well as to avoid making the room look different in photos than it does in actuality. Fish-eye lenses can bend or distort spaces making it look like fishbowls. This makes it tough for clients to see the precise fine points of your venue.

If the venue is dark, hold the shutter of the camera open long enough to bring more light into your photograph. Using a tripod will remove blurriness. Several photographers have their own reflectors and lighting that they can bring to let some light in. Some lamps can be utilized if you’re not at ease taking photos in long exposures.

Majority of professional cameras have grid, even smartphones let you to switch on a grid in the camera. Use this grid. It allows you to easily align horizontal and vertical lines in the venue. If you have clients or other items in your photo, attempt to go by the rule of thirds. This is basic and will assist in providing you a stable, well-balanced and remarkable shots.

Mix things up. Take photos with and without patrons in the venue. Try to take photos of various kinds of events that your venue is able to host to give potential patrons an idea and visualization on whether or not your space is suited for their event.

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