Have you heard of the word comfort women? For sure, you may have sought the help of Google to know who are these comfort women. South Korea backtracks on unpopular ‘comfort women’ deal with Japan, read the post from pri.org to better understand comfort women and the pain they have endured for many years. Let’s look at the definition of Wikipedia for the term Comfort Women.

Comfort women were women and girls forced into sexual slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army in occupied territories before and during World War II.

So sad, isn’t it? I feel the pain of these women who were forced into slavery. Comfort women had been spread throughout many nations during the WWII, from South Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and many others. And while this had been a long-forgotten issue of the past, the Japanese government are tracing down those that their former government had abused, trying to make peace and treaty, support to those who their men have abused in the past.

[Video] How Do Koreans Feel About Japan?

You can find many images that depict the hardship of these comfort women. Now, perhaps in their 80’s, these women didn’t forget. They talk about their pain that for some have not ever healed.

Various Resources, Photographs That Recounts The Once Called Comfort Women

Check out Library of Panos Pictures. The women they feature are now aged and worn out. Their eyes show hardship and pain.

Comfort Women by Yung Hi Kim. Great photography printed in black and white. Women in their 70’s or even 80’s. They have smiles on their face but their eyes show that they haven’t forgotten.

The Digital Museum by AWF. Three old photographs are shown on the site. Men in uniform who fall in line to have their turn of leisure while in battle. Comfort women who survived and protected in Korea is also shown in the website.




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